Welcome to My Bowl of Fun. At My Bowl of Fun. Shop for Organic & Healthy munchies I make everything that I’d always wanted me & my family to eat. Something simple, healthy. Made with care and love. I am sure you will enjoy my guilt free munchies as much as I do in making them. And together we keep ourselves nourished in this fast paced lifestyle"

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Nutella brownie squares
Over the years, I kept trying different foods that promised to keep my family going through long day at work and keep us nourished. Surprisingly, I couldn't find any that offered a balance between taste & health. Either there were puzzling ingredients or bland flavors. They weren't good enough to stick as a habit....

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Choco chip cake

Easy Choco Chips Cake

ACCIDENTAL SUCCESS / DISCOVERY😀 I get very very excited when I see riped bananas because the next thing I am doing is baking a banana walnut bread using those….Riped bananas…
Nutella Squares

Eggless Chocolate & Nutella Squares

I am not a chocolate person but I must say I have a crush on these Chocolate Nutella Squares. The flavors of chocolate & the crunchiness of hazelnuts & oats…

Banana upside-down cake

I penned down down this post while watching chef’s table. This episode is about a nun named Jeong Kwan who lives in Korea & is such an amazing cook. She…

Onion & carrot bread

Onion & Carrot Bread made via Tangzhong bread making method. Its a simple yet very flavorful bread

Red wine chocolate cake

This red wine chocolate cake has a beautiful texture & unique taste. The wine doesn’t cook completely & hence it leaves an intense, rich flavour that won’t go unnoticed but…